ASDS was founded in 2010 by Sotiris Sotiriou after returning from New York where he worked as a structural engineer. In these years ASDS specialized at structural and earthquake design in a wide variety of project in Cyprus, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The team consists of enthusiastic professionals with high technical abilities that take advantage of the latest design technologies as BIM, parametric design, non‐linear and real time simulations to aid collaboration and interoperability across the design teams.

We Collaborate

Collaboration is the key for any successful project. We are committed to proactive collaboration, open communication and to making the complex understandable to all stakeholders. Through collaboration we help our clients to plan, design, build, maintain and renew structures of every kind.

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We Innovate

We are using the latest engineering software and technology. We are developing engineering software that let us work better and faster.  We challenge ourselves to look beyond the obvious in order to provide the best solution. We love BIM. Building information modeling is a tool we use to help clients realize their goals. We developing BIM Add-ons that improve coordination, parametric modeling, documentation quality, and simplify calculation of material quantities.

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We Supervise

We share our (BIM) models with owners, architects, contractors and fabricators because we believe this is the best way to clearly communicate project information. Our experience on Building Information Modeling technology and our collaborative approach increases the design and construction efficiency in all projects. Whether it’s a new building or an existing structure, we are on the construction site. Coordination between our designers and construction engineering specialists makes the construction more efficient.

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