We collaborate with architects, building owners and builders to design elegant solutions for projects of all types, sizes and levels of complexity. We continually seek the best balance among the demands of form, function, sustainability, constructability, schedule and budget. We constantly challenge ourselves to find new ways to design projects faster, more efficiently and more cost‐effectively than ever before.
We are qualified and equipped to provide analyses for slope stability, bearing capacity of foundations, pile bearing capacity, rock stability and settlement analyses.
Our team has experiences in designing of any kind of foundation systems. Using the latest foundation engineering software and technology we can perform analysis and design for diaphragm walls, piles, mat foundations, footings, retaining walls e.t.c.
We work closely with developers, construction managers, fabricators, erectors and contractors to efficiently move a project through concept, delivery, completion and close‐out. Our services include project delivery strategies, BIM coordination, design‐build, steel connection design and steel detailing, precast modeling, cast‐in‐place modeling site inspection and site supervision.
As licensed forensic experts, we assist attorneys, property managers, building owners, Contractors/manufacturers and design professionals with a wide range of engineering forensic services. Our deliverables typically include a report, expert testimony, a set of calculations / drawings, computer models and simulations.
We are using the latest design technologies to model and analyze the behavior of nature. Building information modeling (BIM) is used to perform solar studies and wind turbines design.