We are qualified and equipped to provide analyses for slope stability, bearing capacity of foundations, pile bearing capacity, rock stability and settlement analyses.
The underground is often thought of as a “black box"

Geotechnical Engineering

We provide a full range of geotechnical services in support of new construction developments or retrofit of existing facilities or structures. Through expert analysis and design we reduce the unknowns and get projects out of the ground on time and on budget. We help plan, estimate and schedule the underground elements of a project. We provide a host of expert services to owners, architects, contractors and construction companies, offering creative solutions to the challenges that so often arise during construction.

Full range of services

Geotechnical Services

Specifications for site investigation
Foundation alternatives analyses
Embankment and excavation slope stability evaluations
Slope repair recommendations
Excavation, shoring, and dewatering recommendations
Soil improvement
Settlement analysis
Seismic fault investigations
Soil anchor analysis
Evaluation of soil bearing capacity
Pile capacity analyses
Site grading specifications
Probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard evaluations
Liquefaction potential studies
Selection of seismic design parameters
Stability analyses of slopes, channels and excavations
Pile lateral and axial capacity curves
Cantilevered, anchored, and braced sheet pile analyses
Retaining and flood walls analyses
Seepage analyses
Dewatering design

It is always the same method

Project Delivery

Our persistence on advanced building information modeling technology and our collaborative approach offer increased design and construction efficiency in all delivery methods. We use building information modeling (BIM) on every project, so our designs can meet time schedules,  easily adapt any changes and provide high quality, fully detailed 2D and 3D drawings.

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