Project IDST168
LocationNairobi, Kenya
ArchitectsA.F. Modinos & S.A. Vrachimis Chartered Architects & Engineers

Project overview.

We have been a part of the structural & foundation design processes of the Nairobi Orthodox Tower with A.F. Modinos & S.A. Vrachimis Chartered Architects & Engineers.

The building complex consists of two buildings. Building A and Building B have common four floors
where parking takes place. The Building A is 93m high and consists of twenty two (22) floors
including four parking floors and Building B is 61m high and includes fourteen (14) floors including
four floors for parking. A third building- Building C is for parking places only and consists of four (4)
floors only. There is also one basement used as a parking area included in the four parking floors.
Both buildings (Building A and Building B) are arranged for office occupancy. Increased height
floors are formed for the entrances of the offices and for the mechanical floors.